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Halted freedom and the lost nation

“I am a great promoter of whatever Pakistan has achieved since 1947 and I am sure that on material fronts we have achieved a lot. But today let me talk about the things that we have lost as it is the need of time".


Pakistan – this one word is enough to explain how great our forefathers were. They had achieved that was exactly next to impossible but then we lost easily what they had achieved with a lot of difficulties.


Certainly they were great and we are not even any. They got freedom from the British Rule but since then we have not been able to get ourselves free from our history of tribalism, feudalism & being a sick narrow minded society.


I know very few can understand that freedom doesn’t mean getting free for future rather it is an effort to be free from the undesirable instincts of the history.


Now [August 2011]; when we are so near to celebrate another independence day of ours I am not willing to count that how many years we have passed in freedom. By the way “Freedom”!!! What a freedom!


I think our freedom is still halted and we are now a lost nation. The count I know is that how many people have been loosing their life in Karachi due to political cum mafia killings. Karachi is not the sole instance. Open your TV sets and see the news to hear about other parts of the country.


The thing I know is how massive our ineligible ruling elite are destroying our country, her image and economy. But why only politicians, rulers and forces, I certainly realize that we as common people of Pakistan are well trained by time to kill our country as a lost nation.


What a nation we are!! The nation who keeps people who are proud to pick red or blue passports to shout over how worst Pakistan is going. Loyalty is no more in existence and everybody have reasons. I feel this country is having people who can leave her anytime when they need their personal benefit to work more. Those who don’t get chances are forced to live here.


I am sorry there are no Indian, American or Israeli intelligence agencies that can harm us; we have enough potential to destroy our totality of entity and identity.


Let me be a liberal to say that on August 14 1947, there were no freedom, actually it was the time when the freedom movement was suspended. We lost the nation that we had in 1940 and we fabricated our slavery with the so called freedom that is actually our misunderstanding.


It was merely the change of masters. We got free from the British Rule and we became slaves of our very own and original; tribal, caste & feudal system that we had left for the time being in order to get the British and Indians out from our scene of society.


Apart of many material achievements being a mob of people, being a nation we have lost over ethical, moral, social and cultural grounds. This is the only reason of what we are today.


Time is running out, at least few have to stand up and start the freedom movement of Pakistan from where it was halted. It is me and it is you who can do it. We just need Iqbal to think it again. We just need Jinnah to travel back to this country to leave brisk life of Europe to lead his people. We need to produce Liaqat Ali Khan, Mollana Mohammad Ali Jauhar from our ranks. No one can come for us. We need to standup.


Pakistan is our responsibility. Pakistan can not be termed as failed rather time shall remember us as a failed nation if we would not be ready to break our sleep. This 14th August is not a time to think about our material achievements. We need to plan the movement that can bring total success to the concept “Pakistan”.


You and I can’t do it merely over blogs, facebook or twitter. We need to be in the field of battle. This moment and movement demand blood and sheer passion. How long you & I shall reach there will define the fate and future of this great homeland of ours. Otherwise be what you are today! No one cares and notices that Pakistan even has a nation to respond the challenges of the world of today and forever.


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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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