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Weather was really nice in Islamabad. Clouds were surrounding the downtown Margalla Hills. The federal capital has been busy in the discussions on economy, our deplorable business outlook and politics.

I was listening a hard lot about Pakistan’s worst business environment. People were saying that it is difficult doing business in Pakistan. Some guys were planning to shift their businesses overseas.

I called people to stop. They were stunned. I got quite for a minute. The silence was not so easy for my friends that were so keen to listen what I wanted to say. Regardless of saying anything I asked a question from them. I asked; can we offer Student Biryani and Dilpasand Sweets to close their businesses and shift to any other country of the world? They responded nothing but the response was the clearest.

Today we have many points to advocate Pakistan not a great place for business. We can not deny that we are in severe energy crises, we can not forget that our governments have crafted chaos in economic policy making, we can not ignore that law and order situation in the country is not of top quality but is this a point to surrender? Is this a horizon whereby we can say it is all over?

Unfortunately we are unable to see the success stories on this great land of ours even in the time of highly volatile environment. This is the country that made a businessman that sold 25 paisas TASTY CHALIAN a millionaire. This is the country that makes Student Biryani sells their franchises for millions. This is the country that made Dilpasand Sweets growing exceptional.

People, I am not quoting the names of inherent business families in Pakistan neither Tasty, Student Biryani & Dilpasand Sweets are the only names that have achieved phenomenal. If we travels all along Pakistan we can see many examples where people are growing faster than they can grow in any other part of the world. Regardless of dangers for life in our country some people are working whole heartedly. They are equally increasing value and providing employment to the poor.

The only point is we have two strata of people. One is the people of excuses and other is the people of entrepreneurships. We are not ready to work in the flow of our excuses and we are expecting a success. I remember when Vidal Sassoon stated the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

We are unable to understand that it is not enough to cry over policies of government and worst law and order in the country. This is what we have and we can not change it until we start working for the revival of our economy. This can happen if we develop the culture of entrepreneurships in the country. Entrepreneurships those are free of excuses.

It is really unfortunate that country’s economic performance is getting worst even we are having number of people graduating in business. The basic problem is our youth is more interested in acquiring jobs or immigrating to developed countries. We are not ready to bear the hassle. I am sure that the owners of Student Biryani, Tasty and Dilpasand Sweets were not highly educated. They had the same level field as we have got but they made it and we are living in excuses.

Thomas Edison once said I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. Do we have 10 ways that didn’t work in anticipation of success? If we didn’t have, so these are merely excuses. We need to find solution for our economy. If we are not having class economic management at macro level so at least we have to start. Let us not wait; we can even start from minimum.

A gentleman said People of accomplishment never set back and waiting for things to happen they went out and happen to things. Today it is our time to decide are we a nation that is waiting for things to happen of we shall come out and happen to things. Let us live excuse free, fearless and working. Pakistan can not see the change until we shall change our attitudes.

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Mustafa Says:

Great analysis of common Pakistani attitude towards business effort.

12 - June - 2010 01:01:40 PM

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