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Don't stop, keep going is the way, regardless of whatever you do. You can accomplish objectives in motion but while stopping you loose whatever you already have. SAQIB OMER SAEED  - - - UAE Properties have still a lot to offer, game starts from where it stop, big player is the one that stays. SAQIB OMER SAEED - - - Wishing everyone a happy NEW ISLAMIC YEAR. SAQIB OMER SAEED


If you are an investment professional or a general sale professional; cracking the deals is vital for your career, professional and learning growth.


It is really an interesting point that many people try to accomplish high-end targets in booking deals but not everyone go to the excellence of creating excellent numbers.


Even I am relatively new in marketing & sales management of Automotive and Industrial lubricants but my experience of dealing in investment and realty products is spread over a little more than half a decade with great number of successful transactions.


While making plans for some new products that I am dealing today I just analyzed the way I got success in making investment and realty deals. It is to share the same with my readers.


Knowing before going; you cannot afford to hit the client or the market without the knowledge required to face those who are sharp in their decisions of buying or investment. If your knowledge in any case is lesser than the knowledge of your client the chances of cracking the deal is relatively lesser.


Knowledge doesn’t mean the knowledge about product or market merely. You are required to know yourself too. Sometimes we being a personality or in communication aspect are not fit to cater a specific strata of clients. If those clients are essential for making great scores for us, so we need to care essentials of dealing with them.


It is far advisable to prepare ourselves to meet the challenge. Gathering super business / product / market knowledge, Improving communication skills, dressing the way it sparks, knowing the interests of client other than business etc. are always the key features that you need to crack the deal once you sit on decision table.


In hardcore business information, you must be well aware of the products and services you are going to offer to the client. Even you are required to draw a profile of client’s requirement before you address him. It is not difficult as you can understand it by analyzing industry trends, talking with the reference personality that lead you to the certain client, finding a person in his company who can guide you and through your knowledge about industry or business needs.


We even need to draw an idea before talking to the client that what price he can afford for our product. Yes sometimes the information to understand client’s pricing acceptability required our analytical skills or sometimes the back channel helps us to provide the detail. Even we need to know the minimum technical specs that can drag the price to client’s level of affordability over a certain level of quality.


Yes I understand we cannot know everything before meeting the client but as much we gather before hitting the spot is our advantage. The rest we get wet once we jump into the sea.



After our homework over market, sector, business and client’s profile we need to be essentially sound in our interaction with the client and follow-ups.


Other than our core business points; our appearance, punctuality, communication skills, gestures, appropriate responsive behavior of client’s psychological framework and adequate limited discussion over non-business issues plays vital role in creating comfort level with the client.


It is not necessary that client would agree with you in what you are offering to him. You have to analyze the gap between the extent you can drag the client over your proposal and your extent to be dragged towards client’s need. It will give you a fair idea about striking point where the deal will be cracked.


I have seen many executives that don’t keep their emotions in control and over the points where it looks that deal shall not work their face expressions go weirdly down. It is not the right behavior. We have to know that we are here to make the best effort first and then making the deal. If at some points things go crazily disappointed we need to keep our nerves and show confidence to the client that if it is not working so we are not in pressure as our portfolio is far bigger than losing one client. In this we also have to care balance that we respect him in his oneness too.      


Sometimes clients try to play smart move to drag the prices down or making their terms far suitable by seeing that what we are offering is exactly what they need. They always like to get far more in quality and lesser in price than they actually budgeted. It is far better to maintain our balance in follow-ups or begging for the deal.


We are dealing with clients for success but if in any case we are unable to meet the result that we require, it is essential for us to keep interacting with the potential client through our newsletters, greetings on occasions etc. as it is derives the possibility that what we have lost once can be acquired back in future.


If we get the deal cracked then it is far bigger responsibility to maintain the repetitive orders. Actually in my view if we are being able to do business for the second transaction with the client it means that he is satisfied. Deal once made and loosing the client is not a success in any term. The essence is that our quality terms with the client after sale or service define our long term growth in business.



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life style Says:

It is really an interesting point that many people try to accomplish high-end targets in booking deals but not everyone go to the excellence of creating excellent numbers. -

22 - June - 2016 05:19:18 AM

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