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Don't stop, keep going is the way, regardless of whatever you do. You can accomplish objectives in motion but while stopping you loose whatever you already have. SAQIB OMER SAEED  - - - UAE Properties have still a lot to offer, game starts from where it stop, big player is the one that stays. SAQIB OMER SAEED - - - Wishing everyone a happy NEW ISLAMIC YEAR. SAQIB OMER SAEED


The world of ours is turning out to be an interesting place. Here everyone thinks that if they can’t do something so it simply means that is impossible. There is no harm in it while doing or not doing something that only connects with our own interest. But when it comes towards social benefits and wellbeing of people then it is a sin to avoid doing a thing for common interest or stopping something that harm people.

If there is corruption in the society, if there is an odd social system brutalizing people, if the distribution of income is not based on equality, if terrorists terrifies people, if rulers oppressed the nation, if commodities are going out of the range of common people; so who cares if it is not affecting me and mine. We just end on this cruel ME & MINE! And we think that this is the “End” but believe me people that there is no end without conclusion.

Everyone is willing to have a comforter from the skies. People are waiting for a leader that can turn their fate to success. But no one is coming and there is no one who can come ever. It is we who can do. It is surely we who can turn the table to have our share in the progress and prosperity.

We just need to review ending points in our life. Ending points; where we left things conclusion free. Ending points; when we think that what is not happening can not happen. Ending points; when we don’t hang in to stop something that needs to be stopped by thinking that it can’t be stopped.

Why we end without conclusions? Is this our entity? Is this our faith on Allah? Is this what we claim being a Muslim? Is this what Muhammad [peace be upon Him] taught us? These are not actually the concluding points but our surrender. These are only the index of our undetermined inner and pathetic faith on Allah that we termed as fate or prevailing curse age for our self satisfaction.

Our basic problem is that we are living over middle points. We are unable to identify right and wrong clearly. We first see our own ease and try to fall right in our own convenience that many times is being considered as God’s Will by so called sacred people in our society. This is our faith all about. We love life in a way that we believe that we will always live in this world and there shall be no Day of Judgment.

Religion is departing in our society. We are more a showoff worshippers than true believers. Our entire belief is CONVENIENCE, CULTURE & CONVENTIONS. Even if we are not so well to do with religion so we better have to catch ethics but again what ethics or what morality against the ease of our own life? Anything that satisfies our own self is ethical and if we are doing something for right and we face parallel difficulties then we end as usual and it is surely the end that is free of conclusion.

In the search of a stylish life we are becoming economic animals that are passing their days and nights in the race of earning more. Our family system is on declining. Even there is no family system other than brutal conventions & racist attitudes. We have no time to worship the one who created us. We have no time to employ in doing great causes for the society. This is another ending point but again not a conclusion.

I think it is a time when we have to standup for all just matters that we see around us. It is not only our own life. It is the whole society that is our home. We need to get this home in order. Otherwise there is no future of our next generations. Brutality has to be stopped. Good deeds have to be carried. We just can not end on something that we think that we can’t do. We need to conclude by trying to do it.

I don’t know people how much I am justified of saying all this because being a human being of this age I am also a part of some of these diseases. But the search of conclusion in me is getting vibrant. I am aggressively searching conclusions rather than ending on something that actually can not make a better point on The Day of Judgment for me. Do you think the same way or not?

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Saleem Says:

what an amazing article. we all need to think before it will be late.

30 - November - 2010 08:19:44 PM

Jalees Says:

Honestly true

30 - November - 2010 08:23:04 PM

Juzer Ali Says:

Very thought provoking article, Sir.

30 - November - 2010 07:43:15 PM

Amir Says:

Nice One... Very caring

30 - November - 2010 07:56:41 PM

Maheen Umair Says:

Brother I am speechless…. Whoever you are you are magical. I have been following your posts for long but you never pronounce yourself a saint, in fact you said yourself a sinner but brother Allah is so near to you and His blessings are already showering on you. You are truly a saint soul.

30 - November - 2010 08:16:43 PM

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