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Don't stop, keep going is the way, regardless of whatever you do. You can accomplish objectives in motion but while stopping you loose whatever you already have. SAQIB OMER SAEED  - - - UAE Properties have still a lot to offer, game starts from where it stop, big player is the one that stays. SAQIB OMER SAEED - - - Wishing everyone a happy NEW ISLAMIC YEAR. SAQIB OMER SAEED


It has been one buzz for last one year that Dubai is all over. I have been in Dubai for last two and a half years. I also have done business there and I have closely seen people loosing handsome money in investments in Real Estate and Stocks. But if some one forces me to say that Dubai is all over, so I can not accept it. In fact, in my view Dubai is not yet started. The market that ends in Dubai is the market of speculation and gamble psychology. But Dubai’s scope is beyond that market.

I have been listening from many people that Dubai’s Real Estate market is collapsed due to Financial Crises in the world. I think this is the basic misperception to start with or end on. If this financial crisis would have not been occurred, the crash would be harsher. It was all the game set by the investors who got Dirham 10 in their pocket and they were carrying the projects of Dirham 1000. In any case they would have to driven down one day. It is the blessing that it got over in the cover of financial crises otherwise the losses of second chain investors could be unimaginable. I can discuss many WHY & HOW but here my topic is not discussing what investors had not cared off that causes Dubai’s property got a massive devaluation.

Now it is the time for real businessman in Dubai or across the world to explore real Dubai. Dubai that is the center of the world after Hong Kong returned to China. If some one measures Dubai, just from its real estate prices and financial markets, it is more than unfair. Dubai is all about opportunities to trade, market and collecting tax free returns to remit anywhere in the world with ease of procedures.

If you visit Dubai and check the Free Zones, they are the centers of enormous business facilities. The cost is even lesser than many progressive countries in the world. You can open a company with top class facilities as minimum as US$ 8,000 - 10,000 with resident visas for you and your employees. I some time felt surprise why people were so keen to get Visas from property. If you can come to Dubai and do some work and have visas via free zones, so it is more a better opportunity. If you have a brain to convert ideas in to business, you can get economy of scale in quickest time in Dubai’s free zones than any other country in the world. When I am saying this now, it simply means in the time of crises in the world, 'depend upon your selection of business'.

In the second quarter of 2009, Dubai’s export trade is increased by 6.5% that is even higher than first quarter. The number of exporters in Dubai has been increasing gradually and now they are about 6,295 in numbers. It is just an overview. You can better understand to work these 6000 plus exporters, there must be thousands of manufactures & importers and facilitating businesses. Dubai is just a state of 4,114 square kilometers. Its population is about 2.2 million people. It is very easy to understand that if any thing has to be happening or controlling so, the area of Dubai is too short to manage it to perfection.

Actually the way people have taken Dubai, especially investors was not like a business but a LOTTERY TICKET. Here the decline was cultivated and now it got matured. On the other hand those people who are doing a business of basic needs of people in local and international markets from Dubai are still having lot of opportunities. Dubai is still a best place to market your products in international stream, especially for producers & distributors from South Asia. The law and order situation in South Asia directly makes Dubai a best place to market. The best feature of Dubai’s trade place is, ‘you can have the buyers from whole world at one small place’, that is Dubai. This feature is not yet completely spoiled by the businessmen. Actually they turned their focus towards Real Estate to grab some easy money. Now it comes back again to core business and it is feasible perfectly in Dubai even now in the time of turmoil in the world. The real estate market will also pick the momentum if the core business will grow. If you will have more businesses, there will be more people working, so higher the demand for property. This will be the genuine demand rather than speculation.

Yes Dubai is having a hard time in real estate and it’s over all debt profile but the opportunities are still endless. The infrastructure they have created and the facilities, they have been providing is undoubtedly are one of the bests in the world. The level of security and law & order is not out of the bests but THE BEST in the whole world. Dubai indeed is safer place than New York, London, Paris, Moscow or Frankfurt. The taxes are 0% and still there is no restriction on transferring profits to anywhere in the world. Today, the market is not too good but it is good in a sense that now it is purely the market for BUSINESSMEN rather than speculators and irrational investors. There are many opportunities in Education, healthcare, facility management, hospitality, environment, professional services, food & other key sectors. Just if Dubai’s Knowledge Village gets the campus of Harvard and Oxford Universities so there will be no one who will go to U.S.A. & U.K. for higher studies especially from Muslim countries. Even that would be a handy proposal for these Universities to pick foreign students from Asia and Middle East. Students will find it lesser costly and they will be near to there home countries. If these big names will be there in Knowledge village so the suburbs of it can pick momentum in Education innovation and revolution. It is just one example and one sector, I can give numbers of sectors uncovered in Dubai and they have great potential.

Dubai’s Metro (Circular Railway), E-Government, Free Zone Facilities, 0% Corporate & Income Tax Rate, Easy & Smooth Government Procedures, growing regulators are the buzz for an extra ordinary time to come in the front of business, trade & management. Yes, there are some imperfections, there are many things that Dubai government has to improve but this is some thing that every country has to do but the stage Dubai has reached in one decade, it is the hardest to achieve for many countries in 50 years even. If you see the profile of Dubai’s leadership, they have been more liberal than any other in understanding and loving their country to make it more and more progressive and peaceful. I know they have a greatest challenge ahead to ensure their credibility on many fronts but the vision Shaikh Mohammad kept, can work any time for biggest positives. They have to work very hard on Dubai’s brand management and exploring dynamic new sectors of economy. They have to consult with core professionals to enhance on policy and strategy level rather than those who advice in dealing shot run opportunities. End of the day it is all for Dubai.

In fact the time is over for everyone to go to Dubai with empty brain and lot of money. Now the people with brain can go to Dubai and create value for Dubai and themselves by doing genuine and hardcore business. And I am more than sure that it is highly feasible in Dubai. The call of the time is simple and genuine; it is the time of doing business in Dubai, it is the time of grabbing opportunities that may not be there after five years. Trade, manufacturing & services have not yet seen the deserved boom in Dubai; it will have to be seen and if someone want to be a part of this so they have to trust Dubai, rather than thinking it is the end. But those who want to buy a LOTTERY TICKET so, the sale is over buddies!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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