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Dual nationals have no right to be elected

These days some political parties are trying to pass a bill from Parliament of Pakistan to make Dual Nationals legally being elected & perform as a member of our parliament.


It is more an action that they desire for endorsing few of their members who have lost their assembly seats as of the constitutional requirement that a member must not be a dual national.


I thought the constitutional requirement as on date is logical too and below are some points that I consider while saying that dual nationals have no right to be elected being a parliamentarian in Pakistan:


We are not merely a country, we are an ideology

Pakistan is not merely a country. It is the name of ideology. Our head of the state is even not absolute in everything. He is more symbolic head of state that works under the supremacy of Allah. Yes even our presidents have never thought so but I am talking about the constitution.


The person who took the nationality of any North American or European country binds himself to serve the queen or king or ultimate absolute parliament or the super head of the state. His oath clearly makes him committed to follow the rules made over sensitivities of the ideologies of his later opted country.


The ideology of Pakistan is distinct and it can never be correlated with the ideology of any other country in the world.


What if they have to make the laws that shall not suit the country where he is a dual national? If he will not vote for it, he is not loyal to Pakistan and if he votes for it he must be in breach of the oath with his other country. In both cases the person stays dishonest.


And a dishonest can never be the member of our parliament. Or this type of dishonest cannot be a member as today there are many who are. I again clear I am talking about conceptual framework.    


I know someone can say that migration is a Sunnah. So better you understand that migration is Sunnah when you are doing it in the cause of Allah. Even the two biggest migrations in Islamic history [Makkah to Medina – India to Pakistan] showed the migration from developed area to underdeveloped or lesser developed areas in order to work the grand objective of the nation rather than material benefits.


The one who surrender have nothing to do with the battle

It is obvious that a person who decided to be the citizen of another country has made a choice to see the best for his future. It is not bad but once the decision is being made by him then he is out.


Pakistan showed the best of progress in 1960s and since the skilled and intelligent people of this country started chasing to be the citizens of USA or UK or Canada the country started going in decline of performances.


So it is logical that a person who preferred his own future in the fear of uncertainty in his homeland can never be loyal to the grand cause of the nation.


Yes there are few who had gone abroad and avoid dual nationality. They came back to Pakistan like Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan and did the best for the nation. And they are the real strength of this country as they went overseas to get something back for Pakistan.


Remittances cannot decide the fate of economy of Pakistan even they are not that great by Dual Nationals


There is an argument that dual nationals are the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. It is indeed incorrect as our economy is not prosperous even the trends in worker’s remittances has been showing significant growth in last some years.


The strength of Pakistan’s economy is subjected to the resilience of Pakistan’s business sector and those people who have been managing the show by paying taxes even whatever low they stand at.


In my view a RAIRDY WALA in Pakistan is far better than an American Pakistani millionaire who is a millionaire because of his dual nationality and as he worked in the best of business conditions.


The fact in remittances is that the majority of the worker remittances (60%) come from the Middle East and Gulf States where resident Pakistanis of these countries cannot be dual nationals.


Majority of the worker remittances come from other than Middle East and Gulf States are accounted from large number of illegal immigrants that doesn’t possesses dual nationality. MIGRATIONWATCH UK has shown the same concept in their Briefing Paper 11.16 of 2009.




I would like to say that any Pakistani who took citizenship of any other country in order to make his life better must stay away from the decision making of Pakistan.


They have made their choice and our people have to know that they must not be allowed in our parliament to enjoy the privilege and fly back once the things gets worst.


The people who wait for things to get stable in Pakistan to make investment are not better than those who make investments daily in my country regardless of how worst it goes.


A person who just enjoys Pakistan for shopping and meeting relatives is not a Pakistani. They are talking about giving right to contest elections to them. In my view we have to cancel their Pakistani nationality so that they can leave the pain for Pakistan that waste their time before TV sets to talk and only talk about Pakistan.


I take the advantage from this post to tell overseas youth of Pakistan to plan their overseas stay short and with the objective to accumulate knowledge, capital and skills for Pakistan.


If something we can do for Pakistan that shall change the fate of this nation is working in our country and for our country.


Why we are so willing to accomplish other’s dream? Let us made our own dream come true!!!!





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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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