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Do we need more tears for awakening?

Just I end my follow up of the day of some of my friends initiated flood relief efforts and catching info from organizations that are working for the relief and rescue for flood victims in Pakistan. Regardless of a very insensitive response of International community, it is really unfortunate that local sources are also not mobilized to understand that this disaster is far bigger in magnitude than recent Earthquake in Pakistan.

I don’t know why people don’t understand that we lost about 100,000 people in Earthquake but today there are 6 million people fighting for their survival beneath the open sky and flooded ground. About 12 million people are affected due to the aftermath of one flood and even in many parts they are expecting another to come. This is even far a distress sign that they have lost their means of living. Majority of people lost their crops, live stocks and houses. It means that they are not died but far in misery than death. The disaster is declared far bigger than recent tsunami.

Even the problem is not that simple. Pakistan has lost a massive infrastructure. Rail tracks, roads, communication network, water head works, small medium industries etc. are completely abolished from the surface where floods carry their routes. Agriculture that supports 21% of our economy is highly affected that count sever fall in GDP growth. This can cause shortage of commodities and rise in inflation.

In the afternoon I heard BBC correspondent reporting about the destruction of British age infrastructure. They quoted that it is completely abolished from the surface. All these very facts are tending towards one reality that this is not short term. In my view as per current level of country’s resources we need 8 to 10 years to get back to 2009 in this regard.

Even many of the people ignored but one reality is really distressing. One of the major causes of this flooding is changing behavior of monsoon that can carry forward to next years. The global warming is also contributing the meltdown of glaciers and this can add more disasters in a country in coming years that is working without water reservoir & resource planning. May God forbid if it continues in the next years so it shall do nothing but accumulation!

I have seen Earthquake affected areas of Balouchistan and I know that as on today they are not properly restored to life. It happens that generally we donate and participate in relief for few months after a disaster and then everyone again sleeps. Even now it looks that we are not ready to be awaken. It is really serious.

It is not a time to criticize anyone. It is a time for actions. I know we can talk about government’s role in this but I only suggest government to mobilize even if they had never been since they came in. We are ready to believe them if they shall realize this very fact today and start with zeal.

The biggest challenge before government is to mobilize international donors and UN organizations. They have to communicate World Food Program & World Health Organization to start sending the inventories required for relief. They can even send doctors and forces that can help in rescue operations. The government has another challenge to come up with a short term plan to make sure that if same flood will appear next year so they have their ends tied to reduce the level of disaster. Even government’s role is very critical because they have all the state resources for rescue and relief in their control.

The biggest responsibility lies on the shoulders of people like me & you who are the part of this nation. It is not someone else who is affected. They are our brothers and sisters. They are in misery and they need us. I know everyone can not go to participate in rescue and relief but we have to mobilize funds, food and cloths for the affected of floods. It is August and I am sure this shall quickly go to December and in drop temperatures with watered surface and open sky survival shall become very difficult. I was in Balochistan when earthquake time and I witness the same problems on ground when people started forgetting what happened within few months.

We can not wait a lot to think and understand. It is the moment. 12 million people out of 180 million are on roads or without proper shelters. If we can not come forward to help them so it is better for people of Pakistan and government to understand that once they see death of their very own before their eyes so we can not control them on any point of maximum distress.

Just come out people! Don’t sleep! If you can not do anything so go to the camps of credible organization to donate whatever you can. I know it is not easy to manage in current inflation but try to make it your monthly practice to donate something for next three years. We don’t have to repeat the mistakes that we have done in past. Make it a practice. This can motivate the whole nation.

I request government to cut non-development expenditure and hold even urban development. Being a nation living in urban areas we have to bear some cost in cities by cutting our development budgets to provide relief to our rural areas that are affected. I know it would be difficult to share but we have to share the burden of those who are in severe distress.

In the end I appeal our new generation to come forward. Organize camps in your education institutes, offices and communities to generate funds and commodities. It is more a worthy activity than any other activity that you can carry now. It is a time for massive mobilization. Come forward and help people restoring their life. Let them bring some hope in the month of Ramadan and afterwards that we are not forgetting them while we are busy in our Ramadan activities or Eid. We need awakening now. If we shall not awake so how many more tears we need to be awaken? See around you our nation is bleeding.

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Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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