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Demise your fear factors to trash bin

It is not all about I can or I can’t, it is all about I will. “I will” is not all blind but with a rational will. Fear is not a part of human nature but a habit that develops by eagerly associating our very self with the belongings in the world.


I read one sentence in my school life that man has become a tool of his tools. In my view this is because of associations and belongings that actually develop fear factors in human personality. The will of not loosing a little directs him not to accomplish extraordinary.  


Being an investment and business consultant I have always been researching different types of businessmen and investors that I usually meet in my daily life. There are two broad categories over assessment level of business opportunities in businessman and investors. 


One kind of a person is that who is merely keen to see what I shall have out of a particular investment and other kind sees his capability & resilience to bear loosing money in the event of loss even though he is confident to make money out of impossible.


This provides a clear analysis of fear factors whereby one is willing to gain without loosing any and other is going to gain with all his assessment of bearing losses fearlessly.


Those who grow faster and become gigantic in business are those who always get ready to loose all and strike to gain more than what they have today. They have no fear in their heart while choosing riskiest investment in the search of enhancing their value.


Once the decision is well taken to buy risk then it comes to risk management. But first of all a person need to develop courage to maintain his very self to play with risks in this world of business and life.


It is even a fact that the prime brilliance of a person can not work in fears. Once you set your fears aside and select the big game then it comes to manage the risk that you have taken. A fearful person always under look key variables of success that on the other hand; are always stands for those who have courage.


If you see the list of billionaires in the world you shall find a real common attribute that all have severe courage to follow and accomplish their vision. They even took class risks fearlessly while they had all the chances of loosing whatever they had in their treasury. But their courage and fearlessness opens doors of brilliance and they make the symbol of management & self leadership in this world.


If you are still going on with your fear factors triggered by your belongings and intent of not loosing any so believe it that you can not gain over what you have today. Possibly this habit of having fears can shake your confidence to loose whatever you have without carrying any adventure that makes life very electric to feel.


So better play confident and fearless as you never have ownership of anything in this world neither you can go out from this world being an owner of anything other than your class deeds and affairs that can inspires people to come.

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Iqra Akhlaq Says:

Very nice post. Congrats for carrying out such a nice look of Bizomer

11 - May - 2011 08:19:24 AM

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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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