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Don't stop, keep going is the way, regardless of whatever you do. You can accomplish objectives in motion but while stopping you loose whatever you already have. SAQIB OMER SAEED  - - - UAE Properties have still a lot to offer, game starts from where it stop, big player is the one that stays. SAQIB OMER SAEED - - - Wishing everyone a happy NEW ISLAMIC YEAR. SAQIB OMER SAEED

Our social values, thinking and understandings have to be rational. Rationality drives from principle of truth or more rationally the commandments of God. Even people can vary in religion but there are some common principles that the whole world share and understood it as the right path.

What we think and a thing of our advantage is the RIGHT of today’s world. This is the worst of scenarios on the desk of our world today. Humanity is not so liberal to go out of the advantage game. When we think something is good for us, so just for one reason that it shall cause advantages for us, we think it as the best option to avail. We never think whether it is up to the standard or not. Thinking for just is actually thinking beyond our personal advantage or disadvantage. Actually when we see something better for us so we think it is as right, it simply means we close the door of searching for just (standard). Doing right on principles itself is an advantage even sometimes it looks not right or stupidity.

If you see the world around us, you can see the decisions and acts of many people and then you can better understand that people are just setting their tallies. They are ignoring principles and standards. They are just caring themselves and their closest own. The rest of the world is becoming the victim of their advantages. Even we are not ready to say ourselves wrong. We can cut the neck of other by serving our own advantages. Doing this is wrong but we even have no regret. This shows the familiarity of ours in doing worst for people just for serving our advantages and benefits.

The myth is same from micro to macro level. Sometimes it is very easy for us to say big people wrong but we are so ignorant of our own acts. Whenever you go some where people are cursing Osama Bin Laden, George W Bush, Tony Blair, Taliban, Al Qaeda, in our country we talked about corrupt rulers and people across the glove discuss the scenarios as per their local listening. If we take some time out to discuss and think our brutalities, corruption, oppression and soul sickness so we better think ourselves the source of negativity in the society.

When we see someone hungry around us and we eat in excess, when we see someone have nothing to wear and we wear expensive cloths, when we see someone around us uneducated and we can not take a little of our time to educate people, so, we must understand that we are representing animalism rather than humanity. Even many times I see animals behaving humanity and I get ashamed being a human. What is happening to people on our planet?

If you come from the social issues to our homes, we find a series of brutality and oppression. We daily suppress people in our own capacity. We ignore our role for standing for truth and we support blindly the acts of our people by considering logic that they are our own. Our advantage, our interest, our betterment and others: GO TO HELL is our policy. We breaches commitments, discount people’s rights, don’t care just or unjust. We just care whether it is illegal or not because we don’t want to see the jail (again our own betterment), we don’t care morality or ethics. Sometimes some people even don’t care the law when they know that no one can mobilize justice on them.

It is me, my family, my home turn as our god. I know this can give a temporary satisfaction but believe me people; the time is near when this destruction shall reach your doorstep and that shall not be the nicest of time to think and rectify. Understand your responsibility as a human, work for people, protect other’s interests, and stand with just even if it goes against us or our own people. If you do this and find adversities in your life so believe on one clear principle that working the standard ends in satisfaction even if it looks temporarily a difficult option.

When you see someone committing a crime so witness it in court, if you escape the witness just for your own protection so the humanity shall die. Humanity shall have to live for us and our next generations even if we have to sacrifice our life today. This makes us a true representative (Caliph) of God on the earth. Let us think and talk about standard and implement it otherwise it shall all be the window dressing and destroys the whole society. The worst shall come to us if we will not set our standards to the truest of standards. Let us leave this advantage theory and make our world a better place to spend life and an opportunity for our future generations. Come to the light of truth & justice and leave the doctrine of mere advantage, this doctrine is the dark standard that leads to destruction nothing else.

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Farrukh Says:

This is the reality, not all but allmost all of us are living like animals. we always caer about our own intrest. we dont think, our decesion is according to the standards or not, it affect others or not how caers. Infact why we caer,that is the bone of contention. But the answer is very clear, we caer others for sake of hummanity, and being a muslim we have to caer about whole society as it is an obligatory duty for all Muslims.

14 - March - 2010 09:56:52 AM

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