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I still remember when I got a dress of US$ 1400 when I was in Dubai. I got it from TED LAPIDUS, just in my stupidity of BRANDISM. I considered it as one of my worst mistakes in life. It was really a cruel act when this money could be utilized for something good for the people who even have no basic resources. Just after realizing it I have stopped spending money on buying dresses or luxuries of life. Even I try to involve in activities and gatherings where dresses are not required to show your caliber or class. Now I am more concern that people know me rather than my dress and those who meet me because of my dress and fashion so I better don’t like to meet them.

I generally use to go to SZABIST via Sharah e Faisal (all through to Clifton). It is general to see the big bill boards of LAWN EXHIBITION in our city. Even all type of luxuries is well boarded from boutiques to expensive food. I can not say that people have to stop buying it as it is wrong but when you see a lot of deprivation in millions of people of your country so how being a responsible nation, we can justify our acts of wasting money? I think we have to visit the population where eating one time food is difficult. I think we have to see those parents who are selling their children because they have no resources to carry their life. I think we have to be responsible.

If you go and see the marriage ceremonies of our society that we opt from Indian culture, it really looks the slap on the face of poor of this country. Some days before a child died because he tried to steal food from marriage ceremony and the organizers put him into the hot water that was there for dish washing. The police then reveal that the child was hungry for three days. This is really shameless. By the way I am not talking about any thing that we see rare in our society. I think those who will read this article from Pakistan knows very well that how rough we spend resources on marriage ceremonies. MEHNDI, DHOLKI, RATJAGAY and many more stupid conventions with other activities that cost minimum 1 million rupees to 100 of millions proves how cruel and irresponsible we are as a nation. It creates a difficulty for those parents who have nothing to spend or less.

I think the social and economic cost of these entire cruel attitudes and behaviors are more than our imagination. It starts from the crimes that poor commits to match the culture on land and end on the waste of prime resources that can be utilized for productive operations for country’s economy. The way corruption is increasing in our society, it is nothing but merely an index of our race of acquiring luxuries and looking different. I am really surprised when we think that wearing an expensive dress or new fashion can make us different. People use to forget in few days but we never thinks that this money can make long lasting effects on our and others life. If we spend the same money on welfare of people in our society so the world will remember us and our God shall remember anyways. It is basically our sense of inferiority that derives us wearing expensive dresses and spending million on our stupid desires but believe me people we even look ordinary people just praise the dresses and the quality of the events that we organizes.

The over all scenarios are not good. Education, food, shelter and cloths are short for many of our brothers and sisters in the country and across the globe. If fashion is necessary to satisfy ourselves, so make DOING GOOD & WALFARE a FASHION. We need to save money from our non-basic needs and spend it for other people’s basic needs. Our generation has a class ability to do this. I am sure if we decide it, we can do it. We have to convince our parent to stop spending millions on marriage ceremonies so do our own self. We have to stop ourselves while spending thousands on our dresses. Let it not make costly for poor to live, while it is cheaper for us to live luxuries. Make spending for welfare of people a mandatory part of your budget so your purchasing power for luxuries stands no where. The day when frustration of poor shall exceed motivation to live in our society so all those who have no resources shall murder us because the one who lost everything can do any thing. So let us save our society. Be responsible.

We just need to look decent and spend normally. Extensive exhibition of status and class can not give satisfaction to us. See our houses and panics that we have in our lives even when we spend thousands for our non-basic needs. Satisfaction is not in luxuries; satisfaction is in doing good deeds. Doing good deeds is the dress that can cover our sins before the world; it is actually a dress from God. I think now it is the time to leave this sense of inferiority to use superior products. We need to become a responsible nation. We have to act responsibly anyways and it can only be possible if our acts shall be aligned in accordance with the rational. This race of fashion and luxuries have no basis, it shall collapse our society that is not a richest of societies anyways (Per capita Income). We need to care our fellow countrymen. We need to think, if not before, so now. Let a poor stop paying the cost of our passions of looking different, let us spend for making people happy, we will have ever lasting happiness then.

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Itbar Says:

Using luxury goods (especially Imported from outside the country) also resulting negative impact on our Balance of trade/ payment, which is not good for our economy.

15 - April - 2010 11:25:39 AM

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