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How easy it is to turn Karachi off within minutes? How easy it is to hinder the national economic engine that cost PKR 8 billion a day? How easy it is to cause production losses of PKR 700 – 800 million per day in Karachi? How easy it is to hit government by revenue losses of around PKR 350 - 450 million a day in Karachi?

It is really unfortunate to quote but it is the easiest and we have been witnessing it from the afternoon of August 2nd till now.

I really condemn the loss of life of MQM leader. I know that target killing, land grabbers, drug mafia and terrorism clouds are appearing on Karachi. I know there are many people who talk about it. They have to talk about it because this is running as a cancer in the life blood of my city.

But today I want to talk about those who are the real victim of happenings in our city. The common man who has always been anticipating a single day in Karachi that makes them economically naked. Try to think them about their miseries when we can sit in our homes and expect our jobs remains because we can say that it was hard to come out while the city is burning. But some people shall prefer becoming the victim of target killing rather than living this life of fear and economical distress.

Sometime I feel why these people commit suicides. Sometimes I feel why a father cut the juggler vain of his children before disconnecting him from his life. Yes I can say that they have to show courage and suicide is not a solution. But when we try to suggest solution to them a single day in our city works hopelessness.

Some days before I was worried that how we can mobilize people to help poor people to live Ramzan’s blessings. But my worries gets another blow.

I saw a Rickshaw driver crying because his Rickshaw was being burnt by the sellers of chaos in Karachi. We can never understand what Rickshaw is! It is a vehicle for us but for that driver it was the world. Now he is seeing how good Ramzan can be for his family and children.

I saw a THELAYWALA. His THELA was being burnt by the sellers of chaos in Karachi. We can never understand what THELA is! It is a cart for us but for that THELAYWALA it was the world. Now he is seeing his economy and life moving towards misery and he is really uncertain about how good he can serve his family in the blessed month of Ramazan.

Do we have any idea why these poor people become the victim of all this? Why they are so important for sellers of chaos so they hit them after a big act of terrorism? Or it is actually a big target to hit them after an act of terrorism. In my view the objective is actually to hit common man because common man is Pakistan.

Hitting Karachi means hitting Pakistan in all aspects; from political to economical sides Karachi can easily cause Pakistan to lose within 24 hours. But why it is so easy? Is the cost of destruction of Pakistan’s economical hub is a dozen bullets? If yes them we are really worst in security and political planning.

Now it is the easiest to say that foreign or terrorist’s hands are involved in it. But killing 45 plus people, burning thousand vehicles and closing millions of lanes in Karachi is not the easiest of job but easily done anyways. But it happens in 24 hours and government says we will bring these sellers of chaos in the court of justice.

Ministers claim that we shall not give permission to these elements to conduct acts of terrorism. What permission? What Justice? It is the common man in this country who has been asking for permissions and all others can do whatever they want.

The chaos is on sale in Karachi for last 24 hours. Citizens are restricted in their homes. Hardly anyone is ready to get his vehicle out. Those who earn on daily basis are in distress. But the courage of sellers of chaos is unbreakable and those who are responsible for our security are more interested to see if someone shall request for permission to carry firing, burning vehicles, damaging property of public and blasting bombs so they shall reject them and say that we shall not allow anyone to do all this.

Hopelessness is the sin. I believe that the nation shall come out of it because awakening is in process. But being a Pakistani; it is one of the very sad days that is right after the crash of plane in Islamabad and running floods all across Pakistan. May God bring understanding and courage to our nation and help us to morally stand strong even after seeing the clouds of hopelessness and chaos in making in our cities AMEN.

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Farrukh Says:

For all that reasons, you mentioned above, some times i feel like to call this city an ORPHAN CITY,

03 - August - 2010 07:32:34 PM

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