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CSR requires effective dimensions in Pakistan

The word of corporate social responsibility [CSR] is now not new to our country. The companies across Pakistan carry many welfare and social activities to participate in the process of helping needy and facilitating people to have better education, health and shelter activities.

Even in some regards we have seen companies run the CSR as their publicity campaign. This is the case whereby they just organize one event and go back to sleep. We can not generalize this statement to all the companies in the country but this is a concern that is there anyways. I think CSR should not have to be based on accumulating substance for CSR statement in annual report of the company. This is an activity that is far sacred in approach.

These days Pakistan is living the phase of worst flooding across the river sides. Even before flooding the areas that are affected were living in the miserable circumstances. It is anyways a responsibility of companies to carry projects that shall address long term need of social welfare. Occasional distribution of cheques and commodities is good but there are many things that have to be carried on regular basis.

Companies can establish schools, healthcare centers, women empowerment centers, and entrepreneurship promotion soft loans schemes etc to assist the consumer base of Pakistan. In long run this shall help the business anyways.

I recommend companies some of the key measures in regard to CSR that I think vital on the basis of my experience.

They have to establish a proper CSR-SU [strategic unit]. This unit needs to have professionals that must have to be dedicated to the task of designing projects and their implementation. They have to form this unit in a way that the funding of this unit has to be recognized as regular cost of the company [in management sense]. This is how they can run it as their regular operation.

Even funding NGOs is nice but companies have to depute her employees in CSR assignments on rotation of 15 - 30 days on yearly basis. This can develop a real sense of responsibility in the management. This is how the whole company can be aware of miseries and problems of people and they can better relate corporate performance in relation of the big causes of social welfare. This can create association of company’s employees with their consumer base directly.

Sometime for big causes we need big funding that a single company can’t manage. In this regard the corporate sector has to have a CSR Union. This union can start a fund that shall be managed by top fund managers. This is how they can multiply their allocation by investing the fund’s money in different profitable and moderate risky businesses. This can be turned as a smart investment and financial solution for CSR budgets to have handsome amounts that shall be always ready to address any big disaster or opportunity for social welfare.

Generally in the time of national disasters it is observed that companies provide good funds but the waste is always there because NGOs have lesser professional talent to manage supply chain, transportation network, audit of funds supplied and distribution of relief goods etc. In this regard CSR-SU need to pool top engineering, management, audit & supply chain professionals from companies to work for rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts. They need to organize training sessions of their employers to manage the call of nation when it is required in their limited professional capacity with national rescue and defense authorities.

In normal times companies have to take aggressive part in education, healthcare and antipoverty efforts. They can run schools, hospitals and research activities for the welfare of society as an integral part of their business. They have to give this activity the same status as a cost of their factory, mill or workplace otherwise the consistency of these activities can not be possible.

All above suggestions are tending towards a new mindset for corporate units whereby they consider CSR as an integral part of their business plan rather than merely a substance for corporate social responsibility statement or publicity measure. I am sure that the corporate sector shall hear my voice in this regard. This shall be beneficial for everyone including companies because this is the growing population-base and social progress can make everything better for their businesses even.

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Soul Skinner Says:

Despite the fact I appreciate whatever steps are being taken by our firms for promoting corporate social responsibility at the end of the day I see it as another medium of promotion and publicity. Sir, you can say that I am narrow sighted person but I feel that most firms whether domestic or multinationals have other motives and CSR is merely a tool through which they are trying to brand themselves in order to create a positive attitude in public towards these firms hence a rapid increase in revenues. In this capitalist society which is pre dominated by profit maximization motive any firm promoting CSR is considered irrational if it is done solely for the benefit of the society hence the concept of CSR is contradicting the capitalism theories as a result profit maximization(which can be substituted by shareholders wealth maximization) and CSR cannot go hand in hand.. Sir there is also a Hadith that Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)said “ kisi ke aesay madad karo k dosary hath ko bhi pata nahi chalay”. The message I am perceiving from this Hadith is that one should help mankind without any desire of reward or without any showoff or publicity..Surely one can see giant billboards and electronic advertisements of firms promoting CSR for example PSO, Telenor, Ufone, Mobilink, Shell PnG convincing people that they are supporting welfare if they purchase their products but don’t you think this is against the Hadith?

17 - September - 2010 01:25:13 AM

telemall Says:

good page nice sharing good job

18 - October - 2014 07:04:57 AM

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