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When education become shopping for a society then it is not a big surprise that sellers sells it like a commodity. It is a one line myth of business education in the city of Karachi these days.

What if the numbers of MBAs are increasing day by day and the national decision making crises is uplifting? What if we are having graduates that if they would be properly assessed they can’t even pass their matriculation examination? It is all the courtesy of sellers of business education in the city and we are not seeing the impact of these questions.

The one who is unable to get a good position in job market joins faculties of business schools as low as PKR 15k to 20k. The amazing part is that he/she takes the responsibility of hundreds of students who are seeking their brisk careers in banking, finance, marketing or human resources.

Majority of Business Schools have deans that have crossed 65 years of age and their zeal to acquire advance knowledge is almost dead. Few of them are even not able to hear and see as of their age constraints but we are just worshiping their PhDs of 70s. It is really unscientific for those who aimed to be world class.

In the discipline of Accountancy and Finance business schools in Karachi are flop. They are even not enough mature to understand the difference between Accountancy and Financial management. Even in advance courses like Corporate Finance, Portfolio Management, Security Analysis and Derivatives they teach same stuff as Financial Management or sometimes the basic finance. Even on the front of basic accountancy they spoil the future of young people and in the end we expect that they can understand advance concepts of Finance and Financial Analysis.

In the name of Marketing majority of the Marketing faculties teaches Advertising because they have no grip over Economics, Econometrics and Calculus. They perceive marketing as mere theory subject that actually is not a case. The one who have lesser intellect study the electric disciplines like marketing / HR and then teaches it. Majority of the Marketing faculties in business schools can not determine the price of the product as they have never learnt it, courtesy to this chaos education system and our misperceptions.

MS leading to PhD program is another big joke. They teach graduation level stuff under the cover of advance curriculums but HEC is sleeping. Even many students who are selected to pursue research work are not aware of basics of their field but they got admissions to accomplish financial cutoffs of business schools.

If we see student side of business schools so then it is a start of another myth. It is really entertaining, fun and enjoyment but if we talk about learning then few are serious and the majority rocks with style without knowledge.

Those students who are serious in acquiring practical knowledge are really deprive of it because the faculties and management of business schools are merely concern with their cost affairs then hiring top people who can train as the market needs or make young people successful.

Discipline is another dilemma in business schools of Karachi. Majority business schools are working as dating points, entertainment centers, halla gulla places etc. Hardly a school can be seen where management carry categorical moves over discipline. Even parent keeps their eyes close as they have bought a best name business school for educating [educating in their view only] their child then what more they can care off.

In this dark perspective there are some corridors of light like LUMS, NBS etc. but the majority business schools are really unschooled when it comes to impart quality education that can play a part in national business and economic scene. HEC just sees number of stupid research papers published to assess teachers for their promotions. They have the same illogical criteria to assess business schools.

Students bear a responsibility to seriously carry their education for the sake of national goals and hopes of their parents but what if it is not a demanded product. And if it is not demanded so the business schools are selling the stuff on demand. It is the stuff that looks fancier but really hollow.

I can not claim one particular entity responsible of all the chaos. Being a society we all are responsible. It is a time when we have to put our socks up. Business Education is directly correlated with national economic prosperity. We need to cultivate a system that bring people of great talent and intellect as our business leaders rather than those who speaks good English, dressed fancy and dance on party floors.

I don’t need any evidence to prove what I have said. Our state in business, entrepreneurships and success of business institutions is an open witness. Another important witness is when we see job advertisements that demand Masters from abroad or PhD from Pakistan or overseas education preferred. I think that business schools should review their whole entity if they want a little credibility intact so the time shall remember them as benchmark institutions.

I even salute those teachers who are teaching excellent, those students who are learning their heart out and those people in business school’s management that are fighting for a competent system in this time of chaos. I am sure that one day we shall have these shops of business education closed to have a proper business schools in our city and the country as a whole.

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Ahsan Ahmed Says:

Dear Sir I can agree more on this article of yours. When I first got admission in a "reputed business school" I was happy that I was going to study business professionally but sadly this was not the case. I did not have such environment or such teachers even in my school level. I am taking my time out to thank you for your efforts for making a tremendous effort in changing the culture of money-making in our institute.

27 - December - 2010 09:58:48 AM

Murtuza Abid Says:

It is a reality. I share same feelings by studying in one of the top name business schools. Thanks for such a nice post. It is an awakening intem.

27 - December - 2010 10:22:46 AM

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