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Betterment for faithless cowards

I have come across a lot of people in my life who have given the name of betterment to their unjust, coward and unfaithful acts. In their own perceptions surrendering against injustice and power players is always a great betterment because it saves life, peace and future.

I always consider my loves, stands & commitments to various aspects of life as not for sale. I never like to hear that how bad it costs me neither I like to have offers from people to withdraw them for substituting opportunities. Even I am not a best of persons in many regards but I am not that shameless or coward.

The difficult part is that those who consider them as a believer of God share the same attributes that ensures worldly betterments by surrendering justice and what the God anticipates from people. They have their own gods intact to give reasons of security of their life and well being of their material living.

What is the betterment when you can not speak what you have in your heart? What is the betterment when you have to do injustice with people? What is the betterment when you have to breach the promises? What is the betterment when you have to speak false? What is the betterment when you have to distrust the trusteeships? What is the betterment when you have to support the oppressors because they are your own or if they are not you need benefits from them in future? Or they hardly believe that one day they have to stand before their God and He will ask about justice rather than betterment.

Sometimes when I see the reality of life I really get amazed. I have spent about 29 years out of an average 55 year life. It is more than 50% and I am sure that the faster those 29 years have passed the fastest remaining shall go. Even who knows there will be days or moments left rather than years. This makes me realize that life is not worthy of betterments, it is really short and we are here to prove that we stand on justice and we never see & do that what is better or what is worst but what exactly is just!

I don’t know how cruel human beings can be in chase of their betterments. They can even kill the interest of others if it is required to strengthen the well beings of their own or their people. Even animals have some ethics but these human beings of betterment are far from anything but their own perceived betterment.

God has sent thousands of messengers that exhibited the life style free of betterment theory. They only persuaded justice but after spending millions of years the humanity have no understanding of principles rather they only make timely adjustments that can calm their life for sometime. But unfortunately this makes no effect in long run and in the life hereafter. One day they shall be gripped and the objectives of their timely betterment shall be tumbled before the divine justice. Justice is the only fate that exists. The one who do wrong have to bear worst and the one who do good shall have wellness of infinity in return.

I have no idea how much you are trying to make your life free of these timely and worldly betterments that you buy after neglecting the essence of God’s message & damaging other’s interest but I am sure that one day you have to pay the cost of it if you are committing it.

Nothing is better than doing what is just. We all know the standard and we all knows what is what! But when it comes to procure timely happiness and betterment of ours or our people we neglect the essence of justice and in this way we neglects God. But for me: the life that we earn after sacrificing justice is worst than a severe horrible death. It is always better to do justice and stand on true principles even if it hurts our life physically or mentally.

If the principle of worldly betterment is just then the God and His 120,000 messengers have been preaching false. My faith is not accepting it and I believe that God and His messengers have been just even once His messengers lost worldly benefits for the life of principles. Can you check your faith in this regard? Or you would like to go with your coward unfaithfulness to face The Big Day? The decision rest on you!

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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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