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Be the nation as Pakistan is there

Have you ever seen the people who live without a country? They have been fighting for it for years and years but they are still unnamed.


Have you ever thought that what the meaning of having homeland is? Have you ever sensed that regardless of your sins and mistakes God has awarded you an opportunity in the shape of Pakistan to prove whatever you can?


Standing at 65th Independence Day I have no doubt over the greatest movement and sacrifices of our forefathers. They did their job as on August 14 1947 at their very best. The job failed has been the job of later ones.


We can say that today the situation is not ideal in any sense but let us review the history that we have written in 65 years.


In first three decades our country that has never been accepted heartily by the world had made a financial system, television station, central banking system, professional army, worthy doctors, quality engineers, professional accountants, top business professionals, distinct scientists, modern atomic research institutions, class universities, sophisticated mills, agriculture advances, title decorated sportsmen & sportswomen  etc.


All above is not something that ordinary masses can do in one century of their national life.


But yes we got off the track. We lost confidence when we were forced to cut in two. And then we started running away from our problems that have always been the index of greatest opportunities to prove our national legacy.


Dear people! Our existence in whatever we are is even incredible. Consider if we put the zeal, aggression, honesty and hard work for Pakistan with it, where Pakistan would be in all those years or in next 10 to 20 years?


In today’s post, in relevance to Independence Day of my beloved Pakistan, I don’t want to go in technical discussion of how we can make Pakistan the greatest country in the world. It is not a rocket science; today everyone knows how to make a country great on economic, social and defense fronts.


It is more about making our nation the nation that has to be equipped with the traits that can produce the unity, pride and legacy.


Over this stage of our national life cycle, we just need one strategy i.e. focusing Pakistan by using the best skills, passion and intent that we have.


We need to be educated, we need to give education, we need to execute our education best in the professional roles, we need to provide our educated self for serving the cause of Pakistan, we need to send educated representatives in our houses of power and we need to educate the world that who we are!


It is Education that has to be the first in all that we can do for Pakistan. It will even drive the rest that will facilitate Pakistan to be what it is always deserved to be. Education doesn’t only mean a degree or certificate. It is also about the education of principles of ethics, morality and religion.


We have the richest piece of land, talented people, brave sons and daughters, greatest past, problems in today that can opens vast opportunities and the most important our faith being Muslims. What else we need to think about the top marks?


It is the Independence Day! We got the country free from the brutal and cunning British regime but the objective of having a nation free from any interest other than Pakistan is still a dream. Let us work it together to have a nation that will work as a soul to this greatest land of ours.


I will conclude it with Quaid e Azam’s words that “Hope, Courage and Self Confidence” is my message to the nation! I am sure that the founder of our nation Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah would certainly say the same again if he sees today’s Pakistan!


Be the nation as Pakistan is there, courtesy to those who made it and those who did all the best in later years for this greatest country of ours. Let our future generations remember us as the pioneers of one nation and the greatest state.


Pakistan Forever, InshaAllah!!!!! 


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Hassan Khawar Says:

Omer, I have been reading you since long. Extremely pleased to alsways see you positive but still very blunts on bitter truths. Stay blessed Col (Retired) Hassan Khawar

24 - March - 2016 06:39:31 AM

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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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