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BIZOMER on Current Affairs Episode 2


July 22 - July 29 2012


As expected the panic starts getting up. Public is showing their angry faces over streets and roads of the country against electricity load shedding. It is not an argument that it is politically motivated. The case is that you are triggering the reason that can politically motivate the public to come out over a public issue.


The authorities are completely out of logic to support their claims that generally comes weekly about the future of electricity crises in the country. It is proven that the installed capacity is enough to meet the demand; so, the lack of production in only the index of poor governance and lack of financial management.


Pakistan People’s Party has sensed that the Sind’s voters are going out of their hands. They started tapping the voter’s market by putting non-sense advertisement on national media claiming their great performance in Sind. Their leader and the President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari also launched a soft election campaign through his Khairpur’s address to worker’s gathering.


Actually the environment for next national election if they will appear is really going hot. People are not interested in democracy, nationalist, pure political and other slogans rather they are interested in economy of the country, their prosperity & the progress of national momentum towards success.


There are many who take U.S. drowns, Terrorism in Tribal Areas that is considered as a derivative of War against Terror & International politics against Muslims to effect election results. But I don’t think so. Today our society is enough selfish that only focuses what we get and how we live in our city. So the election’s prime focus agenda shall be the economy, inflation, power crises and governance.


Regardless of the fact that no one in the field is capable to do the best to serve economy as a national political objective but people’s perception shall drive anyone to power who sells the ideas of recovery and prosperity on high note.


In my view I am seeing Pakistan Muslim League [N], Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf, Muthehida Quami Movement and the sum of religious political parties to take 80% of the seats. But it shall not serve the purpose indeed. There will add further chaos to the situation.


Yes there is another possibility that if Imran Khan uses a little political sense to understand the timings of collecting people’s attention so he can be effective in last three months before national election. He just needs to develop a concrete plan of action that he can present to the public in that time. But this must have to look logical rather than GUJAR LOOKED IDEAS.


In my view the current quietness of PTI is the index of same thinking. They knew that whatever they expressed in Karachi and Lahore is enough till the time reaches the election. They have to use their funds and efforts carefully. Even here people are not ready to believe that politics is scientific in Pakistan but those who knows always believe it is, provided all other non-political factors remains controlled.


It is also visible that Supreme Court of Pakistan is also taking a little back position from their stand over NRO implementation case. The judges actually realizes that this will not serve the cause whereby the time is not far to get rid of this corrupt regime. But if they will get orders they will again get the heat up.   


Those who think that government or the President can postpone the elections for eight months cannot see that it is not that easy. If they will do it they will open the door of uniforms and Gen. Kayani can get an opportunity over the edge of his retirement. Even there are many constitutional hurdles in this regard for the country where abnormal circumstances are always very normal.


Law and Order situation is not in control, especially in Karachi it is worst; it is only because of the will of the government to get everyone live happy with whatever they do. They stay back relax and let the stakeholders compete on the streets. Stopping one can create discord with other and this will not be supportive to complete the term for this government.


Olympics are on move in London and we expect Pakistan to come back without a medal. Yes it is expected so because if a participant is enough proud to participate in it then he/she can never win. Yes Pakistan’s Hockey Team is always a point of hope but the best they can do it to end in Top 5 if they play at their very best.


And if this nation believes that something will come out as good from London Olympics 2012 for Pakistan because it is the holy month of Ramadan. So, it will be the victory of Allah and Allah always wins. We also have to craft strategies, performances and skills that will allow us to ask victory from Allah gracefully. A gold medal must have to match the chest otherwise merely the medal looks great not the one who wear it.


And the rest if we will become great nation then we shall have glorious sportsmen too who will win with consistency. If we will start winning in our roles for Pakistan, we will see our sport teams start wining in all what they will play. So think rationally; don’t take it on heart rather use brain to do something that shall result in next 20 years for the glory of Pakistan in every discipline.


Arsalan Iftekhar Case, Hussain Haqqani, Malik Riaz etc. etc. are now the obsolete myths for our nation. I am sure that they are not getting good ratings for national media too, so why I would waste my time on it.


This is all for the week’s review. The series will continue with the developments later from this post.






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