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July 16 - 21 2012



Pakistan as usual is on the most sensitive age of her history. We are in immense problems. The future is great. We need to get rid of the system etc. etc. I have been reading these statements since I have got my senses.


The top myth of last week was the election at NA 151 that was being won by the son of ex-prime minister Yousuf Raza Gillani of Pakistan People’s Party.


The winning party is considering it as a referendum against Supreme Court verdict that disqualified the ex-prime minister.


It is indeed nothing but usual illusion of Pakistan People’s Party that has been winning the vote count courtesy to illiterate people, tribal system in Sindh & Punjab and financial interest of stakeholders in PPP’s power etc.


Even if 180 million people votes for criminals the criminals stay criminals anyways, it cannot make them saints. The rational cannot be broken over the count of votes over irrationality.


Actually the political landscape in the country is provoking nonpolitical forces that are not interested in it for the time being. But their interest can emerge anytime.


Supreme Court of Pakistan is also busy in aggressive Judicial Activism that to some extent is good but this is also the index of political mindset of judges in the country. Actually the fight with Gen. Pervaiz Musharaff had already made Pakistan’s Judiciary a political party in 2007.


I have no doubt that the affairs to run the state or government is not satisfactory but the interference of judiciary will further defining it of “no use”.


The definition is really becoming logic for another coup.


But there is no harm in having any non-democratic setup in Pakistan. It is merely because that the ability of electing qualified representatives in the people of Pakistan has not been there for last three decades. They are made incapable of doing so and they are surely not inline of doing right at the moment. Or if there is a massive change comes in that makes them aware and fearless.


Pakistan’s relation with U.S.A. are considered as getting normal after Pakistan allowed NATO supplies to use country’s routes. But it is not a reality. The Armed forces of Pakistan still have no trust on U.S.A. and NATO.


The military mind set is different. They can support anyone over a beneficial scenario. They like to get exposure of watching world’s forces in their strategic alignment in the region to gain experience. They want to update their war capability through the money and military aid. They want their importance to stand high as of war like situation in the country or bordering countries.


But what they never like is the threat to the nuclear capability of Pakistan, hostile attempts on intelligence and unofficial human resources of army in bordering countries and support of any force towards India.


United States of America only knows one thing that whatever they need in accomplishing their targets they want it to be done. And they even don’t like to get Pakistan Army on board to do it.


Actually it is a wrong statement that “US relations with Pakistan are good”, it has always been US relations with Pakistan’s Armed Forces.


In country’s politics Nawaz Sharief is trying to establish something in Sindh so that he can counter attack PPP over their support to PTI in Punjab to give competition to PML N in Punjab.


It is indeed a great effort by PML N leader but he is dependent over tribal leaders in Sindh and those who are so called Sindhi nationalist. And they can never be the trusted partners in their objective.


Pakistan People’s Party regardless of her corrupt and poor performance in last four years being a government shall get back Sindh if they run a proper campaign of six months in Sindh.


It is only because; the interior Sindh is completely unaware of what is right and what is wrong for Pakistan. They are only interested in the solutions of their tiny local problems.  


The people of Sindh who have not seen progress over last six decades in this country are not dreaming big and the myth is same in the countryside of four provinces. You cannot anticipate a great change in our political system until a political party comes in that shall make people aware of what is right and what is wrong.


MQM as usual is busy in their thinking of getting benefited politically. They were on top when they did Punjab Convention last year but they shortly understood the tone of establishment so they got back. Or I can give credit to MQM about their strategic ability to understand about the timing of moves. They have fewer options as of their political counts but they are indeed sharp political players and capable political party that can run the country as a whole.


In next week the most important events to watch will be Supreme Court’s proceedings over different cases against government and PPP leaders, law and order Situation in Karachi and other parts of the country, possibility of floods in August - September 2012, Malik Riaz and Arsalan Iftikhar issue, Pakistan India relations and declining economy of Pakistan.


The series shall cover all these events as they appear. Stay reading!!!





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