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We discussed the business development aspects of Pakistan Agriculture in the earlier part of this post []. Let me continue this discussion to reach a conclusion.

Branding of commodities of Pakistan is another aspect that has to be addressed. I think we have some differential products that we sell to other countries as raw and then they add the value of brand to it and resell in global markets. I have seen many Pakistani commodities packed in Dubai’s general trading companies as their brand.

Our marketing companies have to collect expertise in commodity marketing. Even we can educate our villagers in this regard. The government has to establish institutions that have to educate the aspects of business in local languages and style to the people who can produce the best of national outputs.

I think the role of financial companies is critical in agriculture promotion. Our banks always try to venture with big shots in rural area and even they have high rate of non performing loans. I think we also have to try the model of Grameen Bank [Bangladesh]. Our SME financing infrastructure is merely on paper. The performance of SME Financing companies and institutions has to be on top if we have a will of development of our agriculture as brisk business.

The role of education is critical. In our cities people are more willful to get expertise in finance, human resources, marketing from their business schools. The country that is rich in agriculture resources have to come up with proper graduation and masters program in agriculture and commodity marketing. This shall really be effective and I am sure that young entrepreneurs in agriculture related businesses can earn more than what people use to earn in cities. Even this type of business education in agriculture and commodity marketing can be beneficial for campuses in the city but if we are lesser aggressive so business schools have to start their wings in villages to accomplish the task of developing qualified workforce in agri-business.

I think it is a right time when the nation has to understand the economic strengths of Pakistan. I know industrialization is also required to build this country on economic front but more easily we can cash is the aspect of our well embedded agriculture sector. We don’t need to go anywhere and ask for help as our farmers are the key for boosting our GDP with the help of effective and efficient agriculture and its marketing.

In order to reduce the inflow of rural population in cities we have to make our villages more attractive in term of business and earning. It is not only business solutions that are required to accomplish this objective. We have to fight on political front and mindset. We have to bring strong land reforms. We can not merely stop by saying that it is difficult. We have to stand up because it is the question of survival of our national progress pace.

I am sure that the dream of corporate agriculture shall come true. The villages of my country shall shine more than the brisk cities of the world. But this shall not happen. We have to make it happen.

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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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