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It was a long drive with my friend from U.A.E. in Karachi. He is really an educated business professional. He got his MBA from U.S.A. with the class experience of business in Dubai. He is willing to do some business in Karachi.

In the whole journey he debated me to start some thing in Western style in Karachi. We had no business in our mind. He was simply consulting me on business opportunities and how we can work here. He wanted me to develop a commencement & marketing plan for his new business.

I was trying to convince him that you can think globally but you have to act locally. He was continuously arguing that we have to act globally also because the world of business has changed now. He said that I can give some thing electric to the people so their response will be overwhelming. I said him yes, this is what we can do but for this we have to give new perceptions to the people and bring them to the point where they will understand our concept or global concept. It needs a lot of additional cost and time on social marketing. I tried to tell him to STUDY THE TARGET MARKET. I said him many times that you have got your MBA from U.S.A. and target market study is more a focus for U.S.A. firms working in other environments than their based ones, so why you are behaving so oddly???”. He said me that Man; you don’t know we are more focus on INNOVATION now. I negate him because I know that there are many friends of mine from U.S.A. in Dubai who knows the reality of Target Market and ACT Locally, innovation is some thing really else.

It was about 3:00 pm in the afternoon and we were on the beach road near to Clifton. We stopped debating and staying quite. In fact some where he was a little annoyed on me. It was certain as I hurt his ego and he thought I tried to be more intellectual that certainly I did not tried to be. Anyways, he was driving at 80 km per hour. He was driving really well and following all the rules and regulation as he is in Dubai.

Suddenly the thing happen while driving that makes him laugh a lot and me too.

Actually a Donkey Cart came in the way. He was annoyed because he wanted to drive fast and in extreme Right lane (in Pakistan Right Lane is for speed driving, even I don’t know it is or not. Forgive me). He eventually started flashing his headlight to signal DONKEY CART to leave his way. I was shocked ---- but my mind delivered an abrupt sentence ACT LOCALLY!!!!!!!!! and there were all laughters in the car. He said me in response; Crack, you are evil. I said yes I am, but you need to review every thing that you have said fifteen minutes before or if you can do any innovation so do with this donkey cart and your car. May be you can order Toyota or Honda to design a donkey cart to have mirrors and other tools to see your flashing headlights. If they will design so you have to finance the cart for poor driver of it. Or otherwise you have to go in adjacent left lane and go ahead to him in right lane again and enjoy your Dubai’s driving till any thing else will happen. It is all up to you. He didn’t say any thing, just smiled.

It was a simple lesson. He did right thing to avoid giving horn, it is really bad thing to do in Dubai. We generally flash our car’s head lights to let the driver in front know that we want to pass in speed. But he gave a flash to a donkey cart. There is no point where a driver of a donkey cart can see the lights in the afternoon to leave the way for him. Even if it is night so the man who is driving the donkey cart can never understand why he is flashing the light. May be he think him crazy. So simple thing to understand is ACT LOCALLY!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t give flash of head lights to a donkey cart in shinny afternoon of Karachi.

I don’t want to say more on the topic because this is the all the limit of my permission that I took from my friend to share the experience. I promise him that I will write a dynamic article on TARGET MARKETING some time else. This is all enough to make you understand a serious issue in light manner.

Other than this the image that I have selected for this article is self explanatory. The principle is valid even if you are in U.S.A. U.K. Pakistan or any where else except SPACE out side the world. Plan your business based on ground realities by thinking yourself on ground. Any insensible adventure is not an innovation. Innovation always comes from in depth study of business and markets. Innovation is not some thing out of the world, it lives with us but we see it generally late or now to say it our INNOVATION.Don’t over weight your actual capacity anyways, in the name of INNOVATION. If you want extraordinary things happens so enhance your capacity and try, it will automatically produce innovation’s signs.

My reader from outside Pakistan can see the DONKEY CART in image associated with this article.

Cheers Buddies.

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Syed Ajaz Ahmed Says:

While in Rome, Do as Roman do!!!!

25 - July - 2009 04:09:29 AM

Asma Says:

amusing article. Poor fellow!!! lolz

30 - November - 2009 11:15:44 AM

Noshad Nawaz Says:

Hahahah, really fantastic.

22 - March - 2010 10:45:43 AM

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