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As has been associated with a lot of research assignments in Pakistan and the Middle East, it is my fourth year in corporate level research in the field of investments and business process designing. After being a part in stressed research jobs I feel that the field of academia that is responsible to cultivate research culture in doctoral scholars and future researchers is still far from research objectivity in Pakistan. Sometimes we consider a statistical excellence as research intelligence; sometimes we are more concern to produce a research publication than beneficial findings. The concept of research management is far ahead to achieve whereby we are more focus to understand research methodology in isolation to the ground realities of business & economy.

Research herself is an innovative process. It is not something that can be fixed as a method and we try to find a smart solution within the framework of available methodological and quantitative conceptual structure. It is always a danger for a research process when we try to fold our research objective & concept in the light of existing methodologies. There is no harm in inventing a new methodology that shall serve our objectives and the scope of study.

If we see the practical research practices of West and North America, the researcher spend most of his time on theoretical and conceptual framework. In case of corporate research the idea development process, problem / opportunity detection and research management is the core function of researchers. They hire statistical & writing consultants for quantitative and report writing support respectively. In our part of the world calculations and writing dynamics of research reports is the major job of research associates.

The division of work is the concept that is well applicable while ensuring the researcher’s focus on development of research framework and providing interpretation & management framework from the research findings. It doesn’t means that researcher is not required to have tools that help in understanding data but it is not advisable where he focus more on mechanical jobs than working the essence of framework and research objectivity to scope.

It is a dilemma that in the presence of high worth technology our research scholars [& students] are more interested to master their skills in calculating central tendencies and inferential statistics. The result that the machine provides in seconds is considered as the prime job of researcher scholars [& students] and the process of literature review, targeting worthy research areas and command on research subject is not notable.

It is really a point of concern that the one who is not even well to do with available total financial concepts try to jump in financial research by picking up a couple of factors [variables] for developing statistical conclusion. In our part of the world statistical conclusions can easily be termed as research because this is what we perceive; research all about. This is the reason that for last 15 years with increasing number of MS, M.Phil and Ph.D degrees we are unable to produce hundred world class researches in the field of Management Sciences.

Research is not only a time consuming process but it is an expensive activity. It is always advisable to find solutions by human intelligence before going to the research process. Even the research methodology is not well opted but a person can be an expert of his field due to his experience, intelligence & trouble shooting ability. Corporate sector always try to induct those individuals that are ultimate database of business solutions. This only happens when a person have a strong background of the field and he has significant data in his mind to solve problems and avail opportunities. Even these people are more vital in designing research process whereby they pinpoint the core variables and the target valid audience for survey. This actually works for cost and time effective research solutions.

In our culture we waste a handsome money and time on researching low profile research targets because the awareness level of factors is scarce due to weak management science education system. We always depend upon using European and North American Research concepts and framework that generally can’t respond the business queries of our environment. I think it is a time when we need to establish our own research manuals and practices.

The things that we can better think in five minutes if we have a good intellect doesn’t require getting in by conducting a survey of one thousand people. Going towards a scientific research process is the option when it is finally required. Researchers need to cultivate more intellect in their inner. If they have time, so it is better to spend it on worthy issues rather than accumulating research papers of no sense.

It is always advisable to connect academic research with corporate sector. One can not convey his research results as beneficial until a corporate, business or economic sector shall not evaluate her worth. The research that can not hit the bottom line of companies in positive or those that can’t become a catalyst for social and economic benefits can not be termed as valuable researches even if they are decorated by class statistical and writing presentation.

I think the time has arrived when our education sector has to change the research curriculums while integrating practicality and objectivity in the research process. We have to tailor research education and training programs by considering the hot needs of our business stage and economy. We need to strengthen the knowledge base of our researchers by deputing them in companies and corporate research organizations. They also need to grip the technicalities of subject by mastering their intellect with available academic and nonacademic literature. Otherwise if the target is to increase the number of Ph.Ds so we can do whatever they are currently doing.

We need to make sure that a person who is willing to research in the area of finance, marketing or human resources has to be a sound scholar of existing theories and concepts of these disciplines. Otherwise we merely would be in the process of producing worthless research reports, papers, thesis and dissertations that can be termed as excellent in term of presentation and methodology but never be considered as prime source of positive change in business and economical practices in the country that need rapid economic growth as she have massive available resources but few who can think rationally about their mobilization.

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Saqib Omer Saeed Says:

Thanks everyone for your comments and the input of my respected seniors. Regading adjusting myself, so Sir: with all due respect I always do what is right and this is the only way to ensure that one day every one shall think and do the same. There is always a first step and this has to be taken anyways. Even if someone abuses me on my blogs so you are welcome but at least say something that you can better be credible for. I know ABDUL QAYOOM JATOI is the mindset that is well available in few of this nation. So no worries. Have a nice day folks.

03 - October - 2010 08:27:58 PM

Sabih Nasir Says:

everytime I visit your blog there is something serious and thought provoking.

01 - October - 2010 03:15:09 PM

Dr. Linda Pikensyi Says:

It was a great read Saquib. I love to see how comprehensively you distinguish research methodology and research management. In fact you are right that the scope and magnitude of research activity should strongly tend towards idea development, framework determination and providing management direction from the study. I am dropping my contact details through your feedback section. It is valuable to communicate with you further as I am research director and facing similar kinds of problems with researchers in India.

01 - October - 2010 09:04:31 AM

Atta ur Rehman Says:

This really demands brainstorming in the board of advance research and studies in public and private sector universities in the country. Sons like you are always an asset for this nation. Continue all the great work and thinking Beta.

01 - October - 2010 09:21:09 AM

Dr. Zain Balouch Says:

wow!!! What a postmortem, you hit the nail in head of this obsolete system.

01 - October - 2010 09:27:00 AM

Jony P Says:

Whatever you suggested Omer requires years to understand in your region. I think you must remember when I argued that I prefer hiring CFA as a research head of my company than positioning a doctor in finance from your country. I can’t say that all doctors share same attributes but the majority is really incompetent in the area of their own choice. Just mark your instance, you left Dubai for a doctoral education but brother it was the biggest blunder. You are a refined & aggressive research brain than what you are up to these days. Better comeback and take the charisma going that people still misses. We miss you Sak and all fun n earn that we spent with you! lol

01 - October - 2010 09:49:30 AM

Dr. Amir Humayun Says:

Dear Saqib. Salam You posted some interesting findings but the way we recruit students in research programs is absolutely pathetic. It depresses me when I supervise students who hardly have a sense of what they do and what they can not do. You are right that the number of our teaching attempts focus basics that are being covered by technology these days but what is the option in our hand when we have students who hardly have a grip on prerequisites that are required for doctoral education? Your problem is your international exposure in research and management endeavors and now you are in a position that you can never feel comfortable in. I appreciate your concerns but you need to adjust yourself rather than the system.

01 - October - 2010 10:17:54 AM

jojo Says:

fuck u, v don have a time to research. tse degrees r required for our promotion future and this is it. If u wnt to research so do it but don't suggest sme thg tdt make it difficult to manage in our hectic schedule.

01 - October - 2010 10:43:08 AM

Ali Kamran Says:

Such a welcome article Sir. I enjoy each word of this article and comments over it. Such a shame to read jojo comment. Sir why don't you delete these type of rubbish when people say to you. You are the most inspiring teacher I have ever seen.

01 - October - 2010 11:02:54 AM

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