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Abrupt realizations of Pakistani nation

Sometimes it is very difficult for me to understand our nation. We have a unique habit of realizing abruptly and after few months of our timely realizations we again go to sleep.

People take Sialkot lynching as a fact that they have never known to. They react in a way that these sorts of things can not happen in our society. Immediately once we saw this on our media we started our conventional drama. Someone is saying that I am ashamed of being Pakistani and Muslim on this. Someone is saying that those who are involved in it need to be executed more painfully than those two brothers. Definitely the culprits need to be executed by the law but is this an only point in this to understand? Isn’t it a behavioral problem in our nation that is derived from six decades of our national sleep?

I am really sorry but I think we all have to know that whatever we have done in last sixty three years as a nation so this is not abnormal but actually very normal [Sialkot Lynching]. The point of surprise was the behavior of our parents that always stops us to witness the crime we see on street before courts but we are so innocent to amaze on crimes. We always have a fostering that if you see anything happening wrong on a road so “JUST GO AWAY”. We temporarily save our life by this but end of the day the worst is coming to our way and today it visibly comes in Sialkot, even off camera it has been happening for long.

Now we really have concerns over people that were not stopping the brutal act in Sialkot. The responsible police officer Mr. Rana was guilty with a mob but no one bother to ask a question that why these Rana and Rajas are practicing the culture of Rajputana in Pakistan. Are we so innocent that we don’t know what has been happening in our country for last sixty three years? They all have been practicing their Indian conventions and culture in this Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We just have been ignoring these criminal cultures that are being imported by the followers of pre Islamic South Asian mentalities in our country.

Dear People! This is not the first time when it happens on our land. I think we have a rare habit of seeing it. Whenever I cross Karachi and Hyderabad and enter into interior Sind, I feel that I am now out of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Everything is like the Sind of Raja Dahir’s age. Even what we can talk about interior side of country, our cities are full of this mentality. This is actually the soul of feudalism in our country.

I don’t know why we are so surprised! Are we so innocent that we don’t know the level of illiteracy and JUNGLISM in the country? The way we put Pakistan in the darkness of illiteracy, extremism, non-Islamic Indian culture, brutal dynastic values, so what we can expect other than this.

We are really so innocent that we are putting blames on these illiterate people while our literate people act so illiterately. We had left northern areas of our country over tribalism that has been so valueless but once we get Talibans out of it so we say it extremism & we cry. I am sorry people! We have to see that where we stand. It is the sin that our whole nation has committed rather than anyone. Now it is a time of results and we are so scary of it. Even it is all because of our own doing since we had decided to live quite until any worst shall hit our door.

Since the flood has arrived we are so touchy about 20 million people of flood affected areas. Today we realize that our people are in difficulty. By the way do we have any idea that what sorts of life those people were having before floods? Were they in ideal or even normal life circumstances before flood? The answer is NO. None of us were concerned about how tough those people were living. They were living with minimum food, low health standards, poor education etc. since 1947 and today we realize once the flood hit the surface. It is just because today we need to do something to settle our image because the whole world is more focus on us.

I know many of the people shall criticize me on my analysis. They shall come up with a point that it is not a time for these talks because we need unity in the nation. So think whatever you can but I am now officially sick of the unity that we get once the Earthquake or Flood hits the country. It is not the time of unity, neither this unity can work. The real impact factor unity is in normal circumstances. But in those times we never bother to think about it.

There is no solution of our social problems until we shall have a standard to follow. This approach of giving opportunity to practice local cultures shall eat our country. We just see cultural diversity of our country by dances, songs and festivals but never have we tried to see the brutal values embedded in these cultures. And by the way if you research thousand years the only standard that need to be followed is Islam i.e. Quran and Sunnah. Even any sect that practice Islam that is not relevant to Quran and Sunnah and hurting people’s life has to be eradicated. The same is applicable to Bradari System, Feudal Mindset and Political Mafias.

The time has enough passed for discussions and debates, it is a time for actions. Everyone knows what is right and what is wrong. People commit brutality because there is no practical law and society alive in this country. It is a time to activate law and generate an honest society, the society that is free of family, feudal, political and sectarian biases. Otherwise the way we get abrupt realizations and then a long sleep can not work the cause.

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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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