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12 tips that I can offer for keen professionals


Sometimes it is really amazing that people are more willing to be successful while their focus is relatively lesser over the installation of self that is highly required to be successful.


I can’t claim that I have reached the peak or the grand success of my career or profession but I am 100% sure over my direction and the run-rate that I have been maintaining. It is indeed far higher than my batch mates or age-group.


In my view following are the tips that I see as important while running your career or profession to heights.


1-Do what you are; It is really important that we are in clarity about our own self. The understanding of your intrinsic attributes is highly essential for you to know what profession is the best for you. It is indeed not a concern that which profession is profitable or attractive, if we know our attraction so the field that we choose in response shall deliver the best.


2-Invest in your intellect, talent and skills; The first investment that a person can make to be successful is of time and money over his/her self. Buying a good book, going for professional certification in your area of work, attending workshops & sessions over your field & learning market dynamics is the best utilization of money and time in your initial days in profession and even when you passed the initial stage.  



3-Your profession has to be your passion; If you have selected a field of work after understanding yourself and investing enough to go in it then it is better to consider it one out of your top priorities. Those people who forget work while they reach home cannot go big in profession. It is vital that your mind in natural flow thinks about what you have to do in next one week, month or year professionally. It shall only happen when you love what you do in shape of a hardcore passion.


4-Communication Skills are vital; Communication is more than 80% of any successful business or a businessman. It is highly recommended that we shall invest great guns in our communication skills. Facebook or Social media is not worthy of wasting a lot of time; it is advisable for us to spend time with real social circles connected to our area of work. The more we gather information regarding our field the more we can talk and the more we can talk the more we can get rid of our shyness of speaking big stuff. And then we can shape our communication in professional touch by learning the stuff over modern communication principles.



5-Grip over core knowledge of your field & relatives; Being a professional our work, industry, market and economy are the best teachers. Sometimes we take all of them as lighter as granted. It is necessary to allocate enough time budgets to learn all those. Even if you are a finance or marketing professional you can go to learn about hardcore operations of the company that is essential for your understanding and it gives a clear edge for your career growth in specific sector or in totality. In addition management and leadership developments across the globe are vital to keep eye on as it is a gateway while you can spoil abrupt challenges or opportunities.


6-Physical Fitness and Appearance; Even it is a mind game but healthy mind can’t stay healthy without healthy body. It is better that you allocate time for any healthy physical activity. It can be gym or playing hockey. I recommend games as it is the combination of mind and physical exercise.  It is also required that you work on your appearance. The dress you wear to the shoes that you choose shows who you are. Sober colors, smart dresses & decent hair style looks better when you are in professional encounters. It is not more to say that they also communicate about your very self & entity.



7-Knowledge about different countries and cultures; while you work in specific country or marketplace it is advisable to keep eye on your respective field in other countries. As the global business is easily accessible as of technology we need to know people, cultures and market dynamics of different part of the world. It is essential as if we come across an opportunity to do international business we must know the psychology and habits of target market or people so that we can deal accordingly. Sometimes our understanding of different country opens the door of opportunity to do business there. Even those who are willing to export their expertise to other countries where the opportunity will arise in next 10 years, it is indeed more important.


8-Use Marketing Mix for yourself; Product, Price, Place & Promotion; while being in profession we are on an instant task of market our expertise, skills, abilities and talent. It is essential that you must know that what sort of product you are for the very corporate world, once you know about it then you can find a place to market it over a price that would be considered good in the market. There are many people who think promotion of our own self being a professional is not appropriate. But I always think it is necessary. In this regard we need to write for blogs, newspaper and other online sources. In this regard a top professional use social media for serious issues and networking with worthy people rather than hanging in stupid things like teenager.



9-Consider Risk as energy drink for your profession; Shyness of risk can never make you a top professional. If you are in fear of leaving a set job for something far bigger, if you are hesitant of leaving salary for doing your own business, if you are heartless to take a difficult way that can make you fail you cannot be successful. It is advisable that you must understand the science of Risk Management that ensures your love for risks.


10-Have a concrete financial plan; All what we do, end of the day results in financial terms. While we are earning good, our savings [or investments] set our direction, while we have short of funds our direction sets goals for our financial standings. We have to be smart enough in management of our net worth & investment of our finances that would result in greater returns. Being poor at any stage of career is not desirable, so it is better to be in good financial standing by managing your money smartly.



11-Believe in ideas & your desires; It is a fact that we can’t do everything but the things that we can do are enough that can’t end; even if we live for 1000 years. We always have to develop rational ideas and desires. Once we think that what we have developed is rational then it is our job to develop enough insanity to chase our targets. Those who left the hard ways merely in response of difficulties and over ‘what people shall say’ will never have destination in their destiny.              

12-Don’t get excited over success & get down over failures; It is indeed difficult but we  have to train ourselves like a hardcore performance machine that can control her emotions.    Being so excited over one success wastes our time for quickly thinking of the next big thing.  And getting down over a failure wastes our time for quickly thinking to get the glory back or    writing a myth of glory from the heart of the failures.


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Mr. Omer

Mr. Omer [1982 born] started  his professional career as a commercial / investment banker after achieving Gold Medal in Finance at master level from University of Karachi in 2006.

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